The Hong Kong Youth Aviation Academy exists to provide Hong Kong youths with an aviation bridging course and guidance on professional orientation. The participants of HKYAA will be introduced to various facets of the flying profession and ultimately even ground theory and pilot license qualifications. This programme does not accommodate the accumulation of flying experience which can only be achieved through direct employment as a pilot. However it does lay a basic foundation for learning and character building relevant to the aviation field which may take years to develop.

In concert with assisting young students towards a career as a pilot, it is only fitting to promote other professions that are directly related to aviation, namely Aeronautical engineering and Air Traffic Control.

The subject areas and the operational mindset that will be introduced to the young participants of HKYAA will be relevant and applicable to all three career avenues. This will become more evident as they discover the inter-relationship of the daily dealings between the three professions through site visits, lectures and practical experiences.